Under the same sun, Guggenheim Museum.
Opening June 13, 2014 - New York.
- Statue of Liberty Covered in Hamburgers
- The Transformation of the Statue of Liberty into Something Edible
In February 1979, Marta Minujín wrote to the McDonald’s Corporation to request sponsorship for a project: “I write to you because I have an idea to be made with hamburgers.” Minujín planned to build an iron replica of the Statue of Liberty and install it lying down in New York’s Battery Park, a dormant icon awaiting revival. Visitors would be able to enter the sculpture and traverse walkways inside it. On the tenth day of the presentation, the artist proposed to stage a huge free lunch for the public, during which McDonald’s employees would ascend fire truck ladders and plaster the statue with hamburger patties, which would then be grilled by flamethrowers.

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