Museum of the Sea. December, 2013 - Mar del Plata. Argetina.
First sketches of Lobo Marino were developed , they were made of iron ten meters height . For reference photos were taken at the original stone wolf is on the waterfront of the beach resort Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Provinces . The different patterns of wolf were edited with the help of computer programs and so was now silhouettes are seen in structural ribs were obtained. Finally a model was made in three dimensions on a computer to see various details . A model is also armed cardboard and balsa scale to analyze all structural loads timber wolf.
Subsequently a study of Engineering initiated a study of loads by strong winds that exist in Mar del Plata. So the study of the foundations and the structure was analyzed. The same is performed on the outside with three tubes hundred millimeters. Profiles that were taken of the wolf images taking shape in a sheet of six millimeters , cut with a machine called oxyfuel were assembled . She allowed us to obtain the exact profile photo which was previously used to make scale model . The exterior was covered with sheets of molded expanded metal smiths at the time of arming the wolf , which gives a very traditional character.
Finally the wolf was covered with the sample of alfajores that stuck with silicone so that later people can get it without breaking the package without damaging the structure.

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