Germany square. October 3 to 13, 2013 - Bs. As. Argetina.
Inspired by the Temple of Hephaestus, place where Greeks gathered in the V century a. C. to discuss democracy , the installation is 13 x 26 meters and 32 columns , several of them installed crooked, following the philosophy of the diagonality where everything changes according to the point of view from which you look . The temple is covered with books published by the artist containing quotations on Peace, Friendship and Freedom. Like all ephemeral artworks and mass participation Minujín performed , it will be in the public space. Shall be allotted 25,000 books lining the temple to the public that attend the day of closing a collective performative act.
Considering ourselves happy to be in a democracy , the reason for this work is to seek unity in the present and project into the future the desire for an Argentine no better than another Argentine.

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